Upgraded Steampunk Gauntlet Sends You Through Time

It seems we can’t get enough of anything steampunk related these days, and this Upgraded Steampunk Gauntlet from Tungstenwolf is yet another example of our fascination with the genre. The creator had originally slapped this gauntlet together in one afternoon but considered the design too simple and plain and it didn’t inspire the sense of accomplishment he was hoping for. So, naturally, the next step would be to throw on an “Aether” power source and beef this baby up to it’s proper level of awesomeness, right? I’m not exactly sure what aether is but I’ll take his word for it. It glows and it’s blue…therefor it must be very important.

If you’re curious, the blue contraption mounted to the top of the gauntlet is actually a sundial, although according to the creator the gauntlet “Channels its magnetic field to lock in on time warp anomalies. So Time traveling is harder but safer.” I always think it’s great when artists explain the functionality of their steampunk hardware (especially when it isn’t obvious, I mean did you think it helped travel through time?). Then again I’m not so sure I’d trust a sun dial to help send me through various timelines. It would really only send you to the present, wouldn’t it? This is why I don’t handle dangerous time travel technology.

Of course just one gauntlet isn’t going to put together your Steampunk ensemble, only round it out to full completion, so let’s take a moment and examine what else you’re going to need. Browsing around recent Steampunk stuff featured at Walyou, we are also going to need a weapon to defend yourself against marauding bandits of the future wastes, so take your pick of some of these weapons lost from another era (Yet surprisingly still functional!). You’ll also need a helmet…maybe some steampunk goggles or if you’re a Star Wars fan we have you covered with this steampunk stormtrooper helmet too. You’ll also need a sweet ride to traverse the wastes of the future, might I suggest you hit the road with a Steampunk Motorcycle?