Tell Me Your Secrets Bear to Hear Kid’s Secrets

Tell Me Your Secrets Bear is a product every parent would like to buy as it can spy on their kids get confessions of secrets out of them. It looks pretty sweet and because of plush material used in its manufacture, it is cuddly.

tell me your secrets bear

Within a decade, we saw a vast improvement in communication technologies which led to some problems at our home as well. Our kids when chat over the internet with a number of people around the world, may get mischievous and we won’t be aware of this as all this happens behind our back. There are many cool spy devices in the market like Button Pinhole Video Spy Cam with Mini DVR, but don’t you think that if you use it, your kids will come to know that you are spying on them?

I guess this Secrets Bear is an amazing option in that case as not only it would embellish the room of your kid, it can also be a toy at the same time and a Spy to keep an eye on them. The plus point of this plush toy is that unlike the Plush Conan O’BrienDoll or Star Wars Holiday Yoda Plush Doll, it can get secret confessions from your kid. This concept draws inspiration from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants(tm) titled ‘The Pink Purloiner’.

This clever bear when hugged will show off its love to your kid and in a way hypnotize your kid by saying that friends don’t hide secrets. The Bear will ask your kid whether he has a secret and would ask him to tell anything by using 20 affectionate sentences and questions. After capturing the mind of your kid, it will turn on the video and audio to record the secrets your child will unveil and would transfer them wirelessly to your email. This recording would stop when your kids stops talking and be glad to know that it offers easy integration with Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. The transfer of files is done when the bear is put for charging via USB Cord and in the end, it runs for only $40 .

Well, if I think as a kid, I would have borne grudges for its manufacturer for making such a thing that doesn’t let our lives remain personal. But, if I think as a parent, I would have blessed the manufacturer to have helped me in spying on my kid. But the relieving factor for kids is that when you click the buy button, you will become a fool as this isn’t a real product, it is just an April Fools Joke. ^_^ Like the ThinkGeek iPad iCade Arcade Cabinet.