The Hp Eco-Computer Design Is A Lean Green Computing Machine

Kirsten Beck may be just another radical thinker trying to make our everyday gadgets leaner and greener but with this concept computer she’s taken things to a whole new level.

HP comp concept 1

Beginning with the body, this design design endeavors to bring all your computing needs to one console with its interchangeable interface from laptop to desktop. The laptop configuration consists of a full touch screen interface and as for the conversion to the desktop, the computer slides into a holding dock that converts it into a screen and all the peripherals of a normal desktop hookup to the screen via the dock.

HP comp concept 8HP comp concept 5HP comp concept 3

With this new ‘All in one’ design the designer has gone ahead and reduced the amount of raw materials used and also saves a lot of desk space; but its not just the hardware that’s green, some of the software on it allows you to monitor your resource usage hence allowing you to make greener decisions(hence making you bank account greener too).

HP comp concept 6HP comp concept 4

But the innovations in this design do not end with the product itself but have also been passed on to the carry bag that is made from wool-felt and is lined with bamboo cotton, two very eco-friendly materials; the bag itself is multipurpose so when you are not carrying around the computer it easily folds into a carry bag.

HP comp concept 7

HP comp concept 10

With these many features the design has a lot going for it but with things like this ridiculously extravagant iPad or this futuristic laptop concept it’s going to face stiff competition in the market.

HP comp concept 2HP comp concept 9