‘Hang Ten, You Will’ With Yoda Sculpture

Here’s something that wasn’t in the films… it turns out that when Grand Master Jedi Yoda isn’t busy training Luke Skywalker to do battle or saving a galaxy far, far away, he hits the beach surfer style.

The perfect present for the Star Wars fan who already has everything else in the universe, this geek-tastic sculpture combines Yoda’s famous face with the shaka hand sign for “Surf’s Up”. Wrapped up as a birthday present, you can rest assured that for once, they won’t already have exactly what you bought them.

The shaka symbol is a common greeting in surfer culture and is used in Hawaii to represent the spirit of aloha. It can even be given as a thank other to drivers for allowing you to pass, similar to the wave in many other parts of the country. Barack Obama used the hand symbol on his inauguration day, and music artists throughout the past decades have shown a fondness for it. Now the entire galaxy can get in on the fun!

Some random Yoda trivia: Stuart Freeborn, the man who created Yoda’s appearance, based the character on a mixture of himself and Albert Einstein. Look closely at the wrinkled forehead and you’ll see the brainiac staring back at you. Yeah, try to get that image out of your head now.

I feel like there has to be a great story behind this piece, how did someone decide to put Star Wars and surfer culture together? Does flying through space feel like surfing? Are surfers secretly Jedis entrenched in a galactic battle of which the rest of us are blissfully unaware? And perhaps the most important question of all: how does Yoda make the shaka symbol with only three fingers?

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via: albotas