No it’s Not Sushi, it’s a Sushi Cake Platter!

Every time I check out Debbie’s cakes I think, this cake is the greatest, she can’t possibly make something better than this one and then I see her next master creation. Well what can you say? Cakes from Debbie Does Cakes just seem to retain their excellence. Proof to the fact is this superb and delightful Sushi Cake Platter.Sushi Cake Platter

These Sushi cakes look so real that I bet anyone would mistake them for the Japanese cuisine of cooked vinegar rice and Debbie hasn’t left out a single aspect, articulately creating the mounds of cake rice and topping each with a beautiful piece of shrimp, salmon and a variety of other sea foods, all cake of course! She doesn’t leave out the wasabi or the ginger on the platter and the fish eggs just look mouth watering.

Sushi Cake Platter (2)

Well if your spouse or best friend is crazy about this Japanese food you now know which cake will truly light up their birthday and what if you get them this sushi cake and order sushi together? It’ll be hilarious when they get mad at the amount of Sushi you called for!

Sushi Cake Platter (3)

With chopsticks placed alongside this cake platter you can now enjoy your delicious birthday cake in the most unique way ever, and flavored with wild strawberry and mocha this cake is definitely going to be a delight for your taste buds.

Sushi Cake Platter (5)

Debbie just keeps amazing us. I truly wonder what she’s going to create next!

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