Use This iPad App and Pretend that it Has a Camera with Your iPhone

iPad certainly is one of the most talked about topics in the recent weeks, and it has been quite heavily scrutinized as well. One of the major piques is that the iPad does not have a camera of its own and thus cannot capture images or record videos.

ipad camera

However, Apple fans would just not have anything less and thus developer Yusuke Sekikawa has arrived at the brilliant idea of using Wi-Fi to take pictures on the iPhone and then pretend that it was taken on the iPad after the image is transferred to the iPad wirelessly.

He has created two linked applications, one for the iPad “Camera-A” and another for the iPhone “Camera-B”. The latter is free and the former costs a dollar. When you want to take “pictures” with your iPad, all you would need to do is start both the apps at the same time, and the iPad and the iPhone “find” each other and when you take an image on the iPhone, it gets to the iPad instantaneously.

This brilliant idea also implies that if you could connect your Wi-Fi enabled camera to the computer, your computer could “take” pictures too! Now let us pretend that was not sarcastic.

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Via: Cult of Mac