Recycled Keyboard Notebook: a Nice Way to Be Green Geek

Everyone knows pressing need to recycle our non-biodegradable stuff like computer keyboards, PCs, cell phones and everyone wants to do their bit to save the environment but we always face practical question of how to recycle? Well, we can give away stuff to some recycling firm and buy more recycled products which are very innovative and interesting. Here is an awesome Recycled Keyboard Notebook where discarded keyboard has been used as cover of a lined real notebook.

In spite of all virtual memory space geeks do need writing pads and notebooks to scribble something important Recycled Keyboard notebook looks geeky and stylish and will look awesome on any geek desk. It contains 88 lined pages and measures 7 inches and 5 inches in size. In fact one can even gift it to non geek friends who still prefer notebook to modern sleek eNotebooks, laptops and desktops. The best part is, it is a recycled and green product so you can do your own bit by buying from here for $16.99 and you can flaunt your geek green conscience forever.

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