How To Write a Screenplay on the iPad

The iPad already has many applications created for it, but one cool thing it doesn’t have is an easy way to write screeplays with. That is, until this new template was created, which allows you to use the new iPad for one additional cool way…to write your next big hit screenplay.

Our friends at Joke and Biagio have created a new template which allows interaction with the iPad in an easier way for screenplay writing.

The video above shows the cool iPad template in action, including the true examples of screenplay writing and features. There are a few inconvenient actions for selecting a few items, and also the requirement to be in portrait mode to have the drop down menus (when not using an external keyboard keyboard), but it is still better than no real solution as of yet. Moreover, they show how it is possible with or without a keyboard, so writers can now have a cool tablet computer to write screenplays with everywhere.

Sounds pretty cool to me!

ipad screenplay template

So…if you are ready to write your own successful screenplay and want to do it on the iPad, you can find the template ready to download here. I can already see the headlines now…First iPad Screenplay is a Blockbuster! Even Steve Jobs himself couldn’t have written it so well.

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