Optimus Prime Balloon Sculpture Art Is Uber-Cool

We all know Optimus Prime as a benevolent, generous and kind character from the Transformers who lands up on earth and fights the Decepticons, protects life on earth and also those of his kind.

He transforms himself into a vehicle and this plot has been used in several of the movies and games. Here is an amazing ode to Optimus Prime in the form of his sculpture built entirely using colorful balloons.

Happy Cabbie, who is a Transformers fan himself, built the balloon sculpture of Optimus Prime. The sculpture stands under its own weight, the arm can rotate 360 degrees, and can also point guns at people! He has also created miniature sculptures of the Transformers character from the 1984 era as well.

If you are a fan of Transformers and always wanted to show your admiration for the characters in the Transformers franchise, you could go ahead and build something to this order as well.

Otherwise, you could take a look at the several interesting concepts and designs which are inspired by the Transformers. Check out the cool Acrylic Transformers Art, and also the Recycled Steel Optimus Prime Statue. If you are feeling hungry, go and get yourself a Transformers Cake!

Image Via: Brain Craft