Reflectius Clock Design Implements Cutting Edge Laser Tech

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Absorption of Radiation) is one highly coherent beam of light that possesses the property of high directionality and is precisely monochromatic in nature, unlike the other regular beams of light. The previous sentence might be a bit too difficult to understand but as difficult as it seems a LASER is quite fascinating in the same manner, and this is what inspired designer Anatol Latotin to create this Laser Reflectius ClockReflectius Laser Clock3The Reflectius clock makes use of six rotating mirrors that sequentially reflect a beam of laser at precise angles to create the impression of numbers, and all of this is done using just a single laser beam!Reflectius Laser Clock1

Since laser is a type of light beam, it requires absolutely no time to cover the whole maze of reflecting mirrors and display the time almost effortlessly and accurately. Reflectius Laser Clock2

Since it is still a concept model we are not quite sure whether or not this will hit the markets, but here we have some of the other cool clocks that would really suit the empty table in your house that just lacked a perfect timepiece like these Horological Timepieces or the list of the Weirdest and Coolest Alarm Clocks that will make you get one!