USB Phone Receiver: One Step Closer to USB Subculture

There was a time when blogs and essays went around in newspapers suggesting the pervasiveness of computers in our life. When speaking of technology, people made references of how machines are going to grow up to control the mankind.

USB Phone Receiever

Well, the invention of USB and ways in which people are engineering every product of use with a USB port could look just as threatening. I’m definitely not a cynic but this image at Dialog05 triggered this kind of thought process.

So this time we have a telephone receiver with a USB jack. It isn’t out of the world for it is something that can be used to make use of cheap internet telephony services like Skype and other clients. Since a headphone and microphone isn’t always very comfortable, you could just plug in this receiver and let time fly away in low cost calls.

I doubt whether we actually need even mundane objects like lipstick being infused with a USB port to understand the versatility of this revolutionary plug-and-play jack. Dialog05 has been trying to imprint on the minds of it viewers the possibility of existence of “USB subculture” and has come up with up left-field ideas like USB Key Design, USB Recycle Bin and Basic Necessities of Life: Food, Water, Electricity and USB.