iPhone 4G or iPhone HD Leaked Images Prove to Be Fake!

We have been hearing rumors about the possible leaked images of the iPhone 4G, aka the iPhone HD, and co-incidentally the “iPhone” that was found in a San Jose bar was actually an iPhone clone.

UPDATE: the real iPhone 4G Leaked Images and Specs have surface.

UPDATE: Apple’s official announcement of the iPhone 4G and iOS 4.

iphone 4g

While it was thought that it could be a prototype which someone built, it quickly turned out to be Japanese counterfeit. Earlier, it was not certain if this was the real iPhone 4G/iPhone HD but now it is pretty clear that it is just a fake.

iphone 4g side

The counterfeit comes with a front facing camera, which is really useful to take your own pictures and even know how you might look, on the screen. It apparently also has an astounding 80GB of storage and would run on a better and the faster iOS 4. The mic holes seem to be larger, and there is also a mysterious button and a possible SIM slot in the middle of the phone. Unfortunately, the so called leaked images and specs only brightened our moods for just a while.

iphone 4g backside

Meanwhile, the reason for naming the phone iPhone HD instead of the generic iPhone 4G seems to be a way of telling the world that it is not just a reworked model of previous versions of iPhones.

However, we shall have to wait for some more time in order know how the real iPhone HD/iPhone 4G looks. You could read about the iPad, the Specs of the iPad, or the true upcoming iPhone OS 4 iOS 4 which we had discussed earlier.

iphone 4g twitpic

Via: Engadget/MacRumours