Steampunk Organ Computer Takes Back To The Victorian Age

We have seen more than just a few Steampunk devices rolling here now and then, but the Steampunk Organ Computer one is the Daddy of all and the reason is its massive size.

Steampunk Organ Computer

The credit for making such a wonderful piece goes to Bruce Rosenbaum and his wife Melanie who are always working on steampunking the things in their home. Just like Victorian Laptop Mod and Steampunk Computer, this Organ Command Desk also makes us feel the Victorian elegance. If you carefully have a glance at the Steampunk Organ Computer, you will notice that its chief constituents are antiques from the Victorian age. Looking at the gigantic inverted Chapel pipe organ, I am wondering from where he gets these materials.

Steampunk Organ Desk

There are three monitors, two horn speakers working perfectly (not just the adornment), a scanner, printer, keyboard and a webcam. A pair of coach lamps with neon flicker bulbs has been employed in the Steampunk Organ Desk to create the required atmosphere. You can also spot an iPhone dock, a built-in clock, USB and card media readers in this Organ Command Desk.

It took around 6 months to breathe life in the Steampunk Organ Control that spells its magnificence by its appearance. I don’t have such patience to work on any project for months as even when I make painting at my home, I just try to finish it as soon as possible.  You know that perseverance and patience of Bruce are the reason for development of such devices that make one stand agape. Bruce’s house is full of such items, from door to typewriter and what not you can find here Steampunked.

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Via: Geekologie