Swarovski Crystals Studded Xbox 360 by CrystalRoc Looks Ornamental

Rich geeks often opt for gadgets, gaming consoles and accessories that look stylish, geeky and different but will any geek go for a Swarovski crystal studded Xbox 360 Mod? Apparently CrystalRoc has designed this bling version of most popular gaming console Xbox 360 for one of the Microsoft’s PR campaign.

CrystalRoc used more than 11,520 Swarovski crystals and it took designers some 70 hours to create this ornamental Xbox 360 Mod console which no doubt looks dazzling but it hardly seems functional. Such ornamental gadgets are good for displaying geeky taste but hard core geeks will rather invest money in better gadgets, games, games consoles and sophisticated accessories than in Swarkovski Crystal studded Xbox 360 simply because ornamental value doesn’t add to the real performance of the gadget.

Maybe the whole bling idea was in tune with the Microsoft’s campaign for there seems no other reason to create such a version of most functional gaming console.  Well, but then world is a crazy place who knows some super rich geek may want to gift such a glittering Xbox 360 to some hardcore gaming fan.

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Via SlipperyBrick