End of Dinosaurs Tattoo Art Depict the Extinction of Jurassic Species

It is a well known story how the dinosaurs were wiped out from the face of the earth, thanks to those monstrous meteors which created havoc. The Dinosaurs could not tolerate the climatic changes that happened due to the meteor strikes, and some died instantaneously as well. Sooner or later, the dinosaurs became extinct only to leave behind fossils that we could study now.


In order to depict the process of dinosaur extinction, here is a guy with tattoo art that depicts exactly that. The intricate and detailed tattoo shows how the meteor struck the earth and wiped out the dinosaur race from the face of the planet. While it is indeed tragic, I am more worried about how this guy endured all the pain for some much of intricate designs to be inked on his back.

The “end” of the dinosaur, which is inked on his lower back must have been particularly painful, considering how sensitive those parts are. You could also check out other painful and intricate tattoos that we have featured earlier. We had written about the 23 Geekiest Comic Book Tattoos and the Street Fighter Tattoo as well.

Via: Geekologie