Imagination Abounds With Hallucination Engine

Open your imagination with the Hallucination Engine, newly created by sculptor Jud Turner.  Not noticeable at first glance, the details are breathtaking: after a moment, you begin to realize the sculpture is staring back at you.

The scroll details and wooden looking spindles look slightly ‘Wild West’ in nature, while the paint treatment gives a futuristic metal feel providing an old-meets-new Firefly vibe (man, I miss that series!).

The sculpture is also ‘green’ friendly, created from found objects scavenged by Mr. Turner. I personally think the use of found objects adds to the old and new feel; there’s something beautiful about creating something unique from something old and no longer useful. Broken wheel spokes and glass eyes become a powerful statement when put together with a skilled hand and creative imagination.


Describing the piece on his Facebook page, the creator states “Hallucination Engine is the fourth in my series of holy objects for religions which don’t exist. It’s a mandala to celebrate the miracle of seeing, a sense which certainly deserves veneration.”

On further analysis, the religious symbolism abounds in this particular design – the use of six repeating figures (the eyes, spindles, and plugs) and twelve stones surrounding the wheel could represent two of the most common holy numbers found in a variety of religions. Wheels, and circles have been used to symbolize union and immortality. Eyes, seeing, and second sight can also be found. It makes me wonder what religion “that doesn’t exist” this artifact might belong to.


Jud Turner has a strong following as a sculpture and his work has been featured in several books including Device Volume II: Reconstructed and Morphogenesis: Explorations of Form and Function in Metal. He will also be featured in the book Gestalten which is set to the published this summer.

Hallucination Engine is definitely a statement piece, measuring 32″ in diameter it would dominate any wall. If it matches your style, you’ll be happy to hear this one of a kind available, visit  Jud Turner site for pricing and purchasing info.

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