The New Peanut Butter and Jelly Pouch is Real Enough to Eat

Though a peanut butter & jelly sandwich isn’t something that would make me hungry, the new peanut butter & jelly pouch is something that I am definitely going to carry with me wherever I go. This new yummy looking a peanut butter & jelly sandwich pouch might sometimes increase your appetite if you continuously stare at it, but more than that, it is here to attract a good number of eyeballs at you.

The new peanut butter & jelly sandwich pouch allows you to carry your money in a unique way. Made from photo-realistic material, this cute pouch is real enough to eat. Similar to a real sandwich in the looks department, the pouch is divided into two parts with each half resembling a bread slice. Moreover, each half has a zipper at the top, which opens up to form a roomy stack-in space for carrying money. Both the bread slices are held together to form one yummy looking sandwich using a magnetic closure.

When closed, the reddish jelly part of the sandwich is not prominently visible, though the pouch seems extremely realistic as a juice sandwich. The two halves needs to be separated to see the red jelly portion, attached to only one half of the sandwich. Made from man-made material, the faux peanut butter & jelly pouch is 4.5” x 5” in size, making it extremely handy to carry along.

Now I know that many of you might be thinking that the pouch is too “childish” to carry along everywhere or to social occasions. Though there is some truth to this, the peanut butter & jelly sandwich pouch acts more like a “fun” object than a style statement. So all those of you who are thinking of dropping the idea of buying this cool stuff, hold on for a second and kindly give it a second thought, for the pouch might turn out to be your coolest company for social gatherings and theme parties.

This cool peanut butter & jelly sandwich pouch can be yours for only $10. Now carry your favorite sandwich around and also use it for carrying your money. I also suggest that even though you don’t like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, make sure you carry it’s replica pouch along, for I am pretty much sure that you will love the additional attention you get wherever you go.

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Via : craziestgadgets