Lego Batmobile Looks Like a Skateboard!

The batman has evolved from being a mere character of the comics to the superhero of the big budget movies; and so has his vehicle, the batmobile. The batmobile is not just any automobile but a gadget laden vehicle. The gadgets help him fight his enemies better.

To begin with it was a sedan that acquired tailfins, became automated and turned into a sleek street machine. A few minor changes were made to the car between Batman and Batman Returns.

With that in mind, here is a really cool and well designed Lego Batmobile by 2 x4, which does not have much information as to how it was built.  This Batmobile was taken from “Batman – The Animated Series and the guy built it 2 years ago using Lego building blocks.

The shape and size of the vehicle appears to be such that children can actually use it as a skateboard, though the idea may not be appreciated by the designer. The skating excitement is going to double up with the Batman factor! You don’t even need a Batcave to park this new Batmobile gadget.

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