Lego iPhone Steadicam Robotic Skeleton Arm Looks Awesome but is Unsteady

The most sophisticated and improved gadgets need more accessories. The new generation iPhones and cellphones have inbuilt excellent digital cameras but to use these iPhone cameras for long video recording one needs steady stands or robotic arms to fix them on.  Ben Gurnsberg, a writer by profession took some time off to play around with Lego technic pieces to make this awesome Lego iPhone steadicam robotic skeleton arm.

Lego steadicam

It is a good design made with Lego pieces but it is does not look strong and steady for actual use like the real Tiffen’s Steadicam which is expected to be released soon.  Ben Gurnsberg forgot that Lego parts are made of plastic and are flexible so all his effort and labor went in vain when he fixed his iPhone and took videos.  The Lego robotic arm was as unsteady as his arms and it showed in videos and audio files. So it may not be highly recommended DIY project but still if you are a Lego fan and you like new models and challenges go ahead and build yourself one and see if you can correct the wobble and pops and cracks. If it fails again then wait and buy the Smoothie when it’s out but you can always take pride in your own cool model of steadicam.

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Via Cult of Mac