The New Iron Man is Cute, Adorable, and Charming

Superheroes, though fictional characters, are very much a part of our daily lives. Whether it is Iron Man, Superman or Batman, these fictional characters not only exist in films and comic books but also in objects such as toys and accessories to become a part of our daily life. Young kids are the most influenced by these superheroes and thus all these superheroes are replicated in the form of action figures which find a way into a kid’s toy box. The superhero Iron Man is no exception and recently, a company named Asunarosya from Japan decided to give this American character its own feel and created a Japanese looking young Iron Man, or shall we say an Iron Lad.

The Iron Man, standing true to its name, gives a very metallic feel and has the colors and effects of the original Iron Man. However, it is only when you see the face of this toy incarnated as young fellow that you realize that this Japanese version of Iron man is actually more cute and adorable. However, special care has been taken so that the brand “Iron man” doesn’t lose its charm. But then, what difference does it make; the Iron Man’s strength and popularity remains the same no matter what country or culture he comes from.

Iron Man, the knight in shining armor as everyone knows, was created in the United States in the year 1963 in the Tales of Suspense #39 by writer-editor Stan Lee along with script writer Larry Leiber and artists Jack Kirby and Don Heck. Now everyone knows how the iron man came into being. Those who don’t know, here is a little history about the Iron Man. A genius engineer Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ Stark is kidnapped and asked to create an excessively destructive weapon. Not paying heed to the demands of his captors he instead creates a powered armor suit in order to escape from captivity. Considering the strength of his metal suit, which is loaded with the times latest technological devices, ‘Iron Man’ decides to help fight crime.

The Iron Man has come a long way with the changing times. The technology then and now has undergone massive changes and so has the Iron Man. In order to keep the character alive with the changing times and to match it with the present, the creators have time and again made efforts to incorporate the latest technological advances. Obviously, the present day armor is fitted with computer chips and micro processors unlike the earlier one that had transistors. In most parts of its publication history the Iron Man has been presented as a member of the superhero team Avengers. Over the years this character has been adapted for numerous animated television shows and movies.

Treading on the same technology, the Iron Man created by Asunarosya is one more such adaptation of the character in the armor suit. Only that this cute looking Iron ‘boy’ will take another couple of years to gain height and muscle power. Doesn’t matter, the new iron man toy is surely cute enough to an extent that every Iron Man admirer would love to own one.

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