16 Bizarre Gadgets You Don’t Want to Give Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the U.S. and a few other countries; In the rest of the countries it is however celebrated on different days. Mother’s Day, whenever it might be celebrated, is one of the most important holidays and a large number of gifts are bought to acknowledge the love and affection shown by mothers.

Thus, you would see many gift ideas being written all over the web, telling you what you should be giving your mother. However, it is not always that you come across a list that tells you what NOT to buy for your mother. Here we gathered those kind of gadgets and gifts. In other words: 16 Bizarre Gadgets and Accessories that you may not want to give as a Mother’s Day Gift.

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Guinea Pig on Comb

1 scary-fashion-taxidermied-jewelry

The Taxidermied Guinea Pig on Comb has been made from a real guinea pig’s body after it has been stuffed. Taxidermist products are popular in several countries but many people take it offensively…plus, it would be pretty scary hanging on someone’s head, wouldn’t it?

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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

The Nose Shower Gel is a weird shower gel dispenser that reminds you of the gooey stuff isn’t exactly pleasant to look at. All you would need to do is press your fingers against the nostrils and you would get your shower gel. While it maybe offensive to some, I am sure many would probably thing it is amazing.

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‘Lethal Weapon’ Espresso Machine

Star Wars, and other geeky series and games which depict life in a post science-fiction world have wacky gadgets. The ‘Lethal Weapon’ Espresso Machine is a sci-fi inspired espresso machine that looks like a medieval torture device.

Guy Fawkes Facial Toner Mask

The Guy Fawkes Facial Toner Mask comes with 26 gold plated contact points to stiffen the collagen tissue. It would help the wearer to remove wrinkles and get a stiffer looking facial skin.

Tarantula and Scorpion Computer Mouse

The Tarantula and Scorpion Computer Mouse actually contains a dead tarantula and scorpion in them, and are good enough to gross people out. It also looks like a weird zoologist’s idea of the perfect mouse.

Raffaele Iannello’s Five Finger Fillet

Raffaele Iannello has designed the stylish but morbid Five Finger Fillet Knife Holder which lets you place the knives just like some people play with knives as in the movie “Big Trouble in Little China”.

Bloody Spill Pillow Design

The Bloody Spill Pillow would be the sickest and meanest practical joke anybody could carry out. and lets people think that someone has been done away with while they were sleeping.

Blood Bath Mat Design

The Blood Bath Mat may makes people believe that someone is grievously injured in the house and that a serial killer is on the loose.

Stokke Garden and Fitball Chair

Your mother might have always complained about how the chair or couch you guys bought is not comfortable enough. You could make her happy with the Stokke Garden Chair, which allows different positions to sit so that one can feel comfortable. But then again…how would someone even figure out how to sit on it?

In case your mother has to sit on this chair, she would have to try a little hard to balance. Nevertheless, it looks like an attractive piece of furniture with a new age aura.

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Kenzan Japanese Head Massager

Kenzen Head Massager looks violently crazy, and to wear this reminds you of the weird devices that crazed psychiatrists might have used back in the 1930s.

Gizzer Liquor Dispenser

The Gizzer Liquor Dispenser is something that any person who drinks often would love. It has a certain humor to it that some people may like, and some people may not.

Syringe USB Flash Drive

The Syringe USB Flash Drive is designed in such a way that it looks like those needles that are designed to inject medicine into one’s body. It comes with enough space to save plenty of data and files when you are on the go.

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Dog Butt Pencil Sharpener

The Dog Butt Pencil Sharpener allows you to sharpen your pencils but albeit in a gross way. It makes sure that while trying to do the pencils, you are also reminded of certain jokes that people may not like.

Animal Buttock Towel Holder

Animal rights activists would be extremely offended when you get them one of these rude Animal buttock Towel Holders but it is kind of cool as well. It may look good in the bathroom but may not please a lot of people.

Egg Separator

Separating eggs to make omelets can be a boring task. What could be better than a gift that looks as funny as this Egg Separator, and reminds one that one has to separate eggs for breakfast? It would make separating eggs an enjoyable experience.

These gifts are listed in a humoros manner and are not meant to offend you or your mother. In fact, it is a spoof on the number of crazy gifts that are being sold out there in the name of Mother’s day. If you really want to give something nice to your mother, just wishing her, or spending some time with her would make her happier than anything else!