Thundercats are Loose in This Stained Glass Artwork and Wood Carving

There’s really something to be said for nostalgia when it comes to popular cartoon series’ in the 80s’, to the point where everywhere that I see Thundercats artwork like this stained glass window and wood carving I get all giddie and yell “I know what that is!” As if it’s some sort of all-important accomplishment to recognize a fading icon from my childhood…well it is! I’ve attempted numerous times to actually go back and watch some of cartoons I loved as a kid and I have failed each and every time. The older animation is clunky and cumbersome, the character development is shallow and while I still enjoy the voice acting the dialog leaves something to be desired. Despite these obvious flaws I can’t help but continue to love Thundercats (and Voltron!) and of course any artwork that pertains to the show. This is no different.

Now I’m going to have to set on a mission to convince the wife to let me install one of these into our house (once we have one of those). I mean really, it doesn’t get any cooler than a stained glass version of the Thundercats logo. I’m a fan of stained glass to begin with, but this one takes the cake…besides the Transformers Stained Glass, which is also the artwork from Autobotwonko. Apparently the author also took the time to build that stone bridge you see at the back of the picture as well. Score one for the jack of all trades here. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to track down whether the author would be willing to make more of these or what it would cost. Same goes for the stone bridge…I’d like one of those too.

As if you weren’t getting enough Thundercats love today there’s also this lovely Thundercats wood carving to complement your make believe Thundercats themed house. I’ve been seeing a lot of wood carvings around lately and I have to admit I have a new found respect for the art. Even Pacman has been successfully recreated into the woodwork format, so what’s not to like?

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