Wood Burned Starcraft 2 CD Holder Brings a Personal Touch

Let’s say you wanted to win a Starcraft 2 Beta Key, and the way to do it was coming up with a unique way of showing your appreciation for the series. Of all the things I came up with off the top of my head, burning a one of a kind wood burned cd holder was not in the top 100. For your viewing pleasure I’ve linked the video below which runs just a few minutes long, but I have to admit I’m impressed.

starcraft 2 wood burning cd holder image

Of course while the CD holder is pretty badass it wasn’t made just for show. HuskyStarcraft is running a Beta Key giveaway for the game, and as you can see by the name etched into the wood, this piece was created to win it. It’s always fascinating to watch a craftsman at work, and it’s sped up just enough that you don’t get bored watching him put together the artwork but not so fast you can’t see the hefty amount of detail and finishing touches that go into it. No word on whether he’d be willing to make me one, but I’d have to believe there’s a niche to be exploited considering that Starcraft fans tend to be of the more dedicated (ie. rabid) variety.

I do wonder if the wood could be dangerous of your disc in terms of scratching, maybe a felt piece put under it just to be safe. If you like the piece though it’s time to put up or shut up. Place your vote out there for the guy so he gets that beta key! Alternatively if you are looking to get into the beta yourself without the hassle of burning a custom piece of artwork, you can pre-order the game from Amazon. According to Amazon’s site you’ll receive a free code for the SC2 beta within 5 days in your inbox. Not a bad option if you’re one of the fans out there that aren’t still fuming over the fact the game will not have LAN support. Come on Blizzard, you still have time to cave in to our demands! Make the change before it’s too late!

Thanks Nadav for the tip!

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