The Sandworm from Dune Crawls Its Way On the Lego

This gadget is quite a replica of  a Sandworm. Worms, for some people could be nasty, but for others it is an interesting subject. The fascination is evident from the sandworm gadget out for a display. A by-product of the sci-fi genre, the sandworm of Dune is a fictional character created by Frank Herbert. It dwells in sand, hence the name sandworm. An appearance similar to that of annelids, the fictional worm, first appeared in the 1965 novel Dune.
The sandworm in picture by 2 x 4 has the same slim cylindrical body (with no apparent appendages) which moves on the lego board. Recently, I came across another lego creation, where a sandworm popped its head out of a sand color lego board, scaring the onlookers.


sandworm - dune
Sandworms survive on sand, inorganic and dry components of the Arrakis crust. No wonder they are endowed with crystalline teeth that helps them with rasping rocks and sand. Known for their unbeatable strength, this  “Old Man of the Desert” can live for thousands of years. I wonder if the durability of the gadget is also inspired by the long life of a sandworm.
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