Star Wars AT-AT Stroller Transports Your Baby With Serious Firepower

Whether you’re crushing the remnants of rebel forces or taking your baby out for a stroll, this AT-AT Stroller has you covered. Created by Mr. Rick Russo, a UPS driver based out of South Florida, this stroller is just an awesome display of Star Wars Fandom.

The stroller itself is actually a modified “Baby Trend Trendsport Lite” which sounds a lot less cool than “Heavily Armored Killing Machine.” Rick put together the design originally using cardboard cut templates to show how the leg panels and other parts would fit together. Once the practical issues like whether the kid could see over the AT-AT body or how they were going to have the AT-AT feet clear the stroller wheels, Rick got to work. The real deal is put together using foam board cut templates and zip ties. Pretty simple, right? All of the details were drawn on by hand using a variety of books and game pieces as inspiration. The head is made up of “spongy-foam stuff,” and the neck was constructed from a tube roll left over from a box of shrink wrap.

Of course no stroller oppressor would be complete without some adversaries to go along with it, and Rick has us covered here too. There’s an overhead baby mobile made up of four snow speeders for baby entertainment as well as bringing the theme together. There’s also a crushed snow speeder under one of the AT-AT’s feet to help demonstrate a toe cable attempt gone wrong. No word yet on how Baby Gunner Reed will feel about these pictures when he’s in High School, but personally I think it looks awesome. In total construction took about 30 to 40 hours of work. Rick states he put it together an hour or two at a time over two months while the baby gunner and mommy were asleep. He even intends to recreate another different vehicle from the Star Wars Universe. Bring it on!

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Via: Dude Craft