Honey I’ve Shrunk The Pacman and Galaga Gaming Console!

Now-a-days everything that we usually come across has undergone a radical transformation with respect to their size, as compared to the olden times the same things today are much smaller and compact and more efficient, same is the case with this table top Pacman gaming console, it has shrunk to less than half it’s original size but the fun factor just seemed to multiply three times.Table top pacman gaming console1

This downscale version of the then humongous and heavy duty gaming consoles that usually required a whole arcade to store them, is now less than half the size of it’s ancestors but high on gaming and fun as it comes with not one but three games.Table top pacman gaming console2

This console is a part of the 25th anniversary of the Pacman game, and also supports the Ms Pacman and the Pacman Gala, something that will ensure hours of endless family entertainment. This seemingly fun, compact and retro version of the gaming console comes for a very steep price though, as it is tagged for a staggering $1,995.

Table top pacman gaming console3

You can also have a look at the other cool Pacman fun stuff that has made the markets like the Pacman furniture or the yummy looking Pacman Cookie.

Table top pacman gaming console4

Via: Red Ferret