18 Cool and Bizarre Piano Designs

The piano has evolved over the last few centuries and all these years it has been the most important musical instrument apart from the guitar. In addition, Pianos have been admired not just for their beautiful music, but also their visual appeal which would turn an ordinary looking room into something really opulent.

In fact, a house without a piano was once considered a poor old house. As the years passed by, the piano too evolved and modern decades have seen avant-garde pianos that completely take everyone by surprise.

Today, one can find customized pianos and piano mods to suit every taste possible right from the aristocratic bureaucrat to the hardened geek. Here we gathered 18 Cool and Bizarre Piano Designs that are sure to inspire any artistic and musical bone within your body. Looking at these images, we may imply that piano shall still continue to evolve both musically and aesthetically.

Futuristic Piano

Pianos may come from the middle ages, but they are also highly customizable. Thus, there have been several futuristic piano designs that are worth being mentioned. A couple of them are here.

The futuristic Schimmel piano resembles a space ship or a vehicle that is used to travel across the galaxy in a science fiction novel. At least you would have some artistic music to accompany you when you travel through the galaxies.

This futuristic piano found in Hong Kong looks like a futuristic vehicle too, but it has the hot red color which makes it awesome to look at.

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Designer Pianos

Pianos have always been high end musical instruments and even the cheapest piano costs quite a lot. However, there are several people who get the pianos custom designed to make them look opulent, luxurious and even futuristic. Here are some of the coolest designer pianos and concepts one could find on the net.

The Key Between You concept by Yamaha is yet another beautiful piano which comes with 50 coats of high gloss paint.

A futuristic piano that again resembles a space ship or a space vehicle. The black color makes the piano look intense and exclusive.

NYT Line has unveiled a collection of designer pianos called the Liminal which look really good. They must be worth their weight in gold!

The elegant Schimmel here has been designed PW and has a transparent body. With golden accessories, it must be worth a lot!

The Bösendorfer EDGE has been designed by Edelweiss Industrial Studio and looks like a million dollars.

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Strange as it may sound, a certain designer has conceived a conceptual piano which looks strikingly like the iPhone, or as many of the Apple products. The iPiano might just be an ode to Apple Company from a piano lover!

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Avant Garde Pegasus Piano

The Pegasus Piano was designed by Colani originally and the one you can see here is a new design by Daniel Libeskind. It almost looks unbelievable.

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Hi-tech Piano

Pianos as we can see are extremely versatile and can be designed in a number of manners. Here are a couple of hi-tech pianos that we found.

The Compiano is an amazing computer which looks like a piano. It does not play music unless you play your mp3 files on the Compiano and connect it to a speaker!

Here is yet another Piano Computer which seems to come with an Internet connection as well. It has a great body and design.

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Artistic Pianos

Pianos are some of the most artful musical instruments ever created, and we all know that they can be truly majestic. What is not known yet is that many painters and artists themselves get enamored by this wonderful instrument and there are several tributes to the piano in an artful way.

Here is a piano that has been painted in a way that resembles one of Wassily Kandinsky paintings. It must have taken a lot of paint bottles for this one to happen!

This cartoon character inspired piano is colorful and vibrant. In fact, it takes art to a new level by bringing popular cartoons to the elitist piano.

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Steampunk Piano

People may think that pianos are exquisite musical instruments that have nothing to do with the industrial age or Steampunk art. However, during the industrial age, pianos provided the much needed entertainment to workers. This Steampunk Piano here could be a tribute to that.

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Audi Piano

This Bosendorfer piano has been conceptualized by Audi, and has the same sleek cuts and svelte design that an Audi car would have.

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Cool Piano Designs

Apart from regular pianos, there have also been several other cool piano designs which are worth taking a look at.

The Roll Up Keyboard comes with 4 octaves and looks really cool. It would help you in giving surprise musical performances.

The Piano Keyboard allows you to control a table hockey game, and could provide hours of great fun.

If you are so in love with pianos that you would want to get drunk by them, you could get a Piano Lounge for your bar!

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Pianos may have evolved a lot and may continue to evolve through various mods and customizations, but they shall always be one of the most important musical instruments mankind has ever known.