The New Project Panzerbox Computer Case Mod Reinvents Wolfenstein 3D

It was the year 1992, when the video game design was largely restricted to the platform-based arcade style, that the release of Wolfenstein 3D revolutionized the gaming landscape and ushered in the age of the highly popular First Person Shooter genre or FPS.

With Wolfenstein 3D, gamers found a radically new perspective: you felt as if you are inside the game, shooting down enemies and discovering treasure chests. This game, without any doubt, is credited to have single-handedly popularized the First Person Shooter genre and paved the way for other FPS hall-of –famer’s such as Doom and Halo.

The ninth year of the new millennium (2009) saw the release of the sequel to Wolfenstein 3D.This inspired the design team at MNPCTECH to modify a NZXT Panzerbox with a Wolfenstein theme in order to give a tribute to the legendary video game.

Titled ‘Project Panzerbox’, the custom designed computer case sets your eyes drooling at first glance. The attention to detail of this custom designed case is mighty impressive and must be seen to be believed.

The top carry handle itself will set the hearts of gamers aflutter. The handle resembles a lean MP40 machine gun. Inside the barrel of the MP40 (carry handle) resides a 4-inch red cathode light that lights up during hard disk activity. This specific machine gun was chosen for making the computer case as it constantly appears throughout the video game.

The fine art of the design team is reflected in the air brushed mural of a Veil Heavy Trooper (appears in the sequel), on the left side panel, firing away boldly from the midst of a muddy swamp. The mural has a green textured background with a silhouette of burning WWII fighter planes. In the foreground stands the trooper colored in shades of silver grey, holding a futuristic photon machine gun and looking the enemy in the eye. The brown colored muddy slush at the bottom of the mural gives an edgy look to the design.

However, it’s the right side panel which showcases the real genius of the design team. The right side panel is bordered by a black, steel-finished window panel on which are attached carriage bolt heads. The center of the panel is semi-transparent with a Wolfenstein logo and airbrushed bullet holes.

With this design, the team has achieved a gruff military aesthetic, which is in flow with the theme of the video game. The airbrushed bullet holes simply add to the realism of the piece.

The impressive design of ‘Project Pamzerbox’ is matched by the hardware it carries. Gamers will have no complaints with the performance of this case. All in all, it is an effort worth applauding, and worth possessing.

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Thanks Nate and Bill for the tip!