Unleash the Real You with This New Mask

The very first thing that catches your eye when you look at this mask is the long, silver colored teeth. The shape and texture of the teeth seem animal-like and probably an ode to the hidden beast that resides in each one of us. Probably this Bob Basset Mask aims to unleash the real us.

The mask resembles a skull stripped of flesh. Instead of a white skull, you have a Technicolor blue cranium and a bright red vein running from the ears, to the eyes, and  to the back of the head.

The textured blue leather cranium reflects fine artisan-ship. You can even feel the quality of the leather work as you slowly run your hands over the mask.

As your eyes take in the visceral aesthetic of the mask, you feel the mask could belong to a comic book super villain. The bald look coupled with bright red veins and bright red eyes that can burn a hole into anything by just looking at it, though can never make a superhero ensemble.

Dig a little deeper and you may think that the mask is a poignant, albeit Gothic motif of the animal instincts that resides deep in our subconscious mind. Society, culture, and traditions serve as masks that conveniently cover our animal side.

This dilemma, of coming to terms with our true nature is underlined by the title of the mask – Anybody knows who is it?  For cultural commentators, this bright red and blue leather mask offers an insight into a burgeoning sub culture.

Anybody know who is it?  incorporates elements from Steampunk, an underground movement. Steampunk is heavily inspired by the technological innovations of the early part of the nineteenth century such as dirigibles (airships), steam power, and spring mechanisms. The movement is also inspired by redundant technology such as the analog computer.  What began as an underground subculture is now slowly finding its way into mainstream consciousness through Anime and other forms of mass culture.

Steampunk masks, such as Anybody know who is it?, are being sported as a futuristic fashion statement. With the increase in environmental pollution and our apathy towards it, such masks may become necessary equipment instead of a style statement, in the future.

For now, though, Steampunk masks are designed to cater to goth, punk, BDSM, and industrial music enthusiasts, the inspired aesthetics of such leather masks may lure even a non-believer into trying one and making it a part of its collection. The concept and design of Anybody knows who is it? is credited to Bob Basett – a popular maker of Steampunk masks.

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