Star Wars Weekends – The Most Awaited Disney Event Ever!

All the fans of Star Wars, I am sure you must have already heard of, or made plans for the Star Wars Weekends. So 2010 has indeed been stamped as one of the most memorable year in the Disney world. So while the Star Wars universe plans to land on our very own Mother Earth, I am sure all of you too are eagerly waiting to see your one of the most awaited weekend Stars-Yoda, Vader, Chewbacca, and some more.Star Wars Weekends

Star Wars Weekends (2)

So you haven’t had enough of Star Wars dosage with the movies, let’s add some more awesome fun with these characters at your very own theme park in Florida. Yoda, widely known for his wisdom and skills in lightsaber combat, and often known as Grand master while we all remember Grievous as the user of other blasters as well, such as an E-5 blaster rifle.

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A special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, don’t miss out on the most exciting fun this summer with your Alien Star Wars characters. With the celebrity guests for every weekend shows, like Matthew Wood, Dave Filoni, Lorne Peterson and many more, the event is one of the biggest summer Disney event ever. So I guess this is the ultimate fun for all aged Star Wars fans, while this parade is featured from 21st May to 13th June, on every weekend.

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