Game Boy Cartridge Can Now Be Played in Normal NES

For anyone who is a video game fan, the name Nintendo cannot be foreign. Nintendo is a Japanese company that has been in the electronic world for decades and promises to be there with its ability to come up with amazing projects every time.

Set up in the year 1889 Nintendo was originally a handmade card company. With the idea to venture into new business Nintendo acquired rights to distribute the first video game in Japan in the year 1974. Since then there was no looking back. In 1977 the first Color TV Game was presented by Nintendo.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was launched in North America in the year 1985. This cartridge based gaming console was one of the first of its kind and shared its launch with three arcade games, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong jr, and Popeye. Four years down the line came Game Boy (GB), a handheld gaming console.

Years after the launch of the NES and the GB a method has been brought about to marry the two systems and make it possible for a Game Boy cartridge to play in a normal NES. According to the maker of the product this new device developed by him is a ‘Super Game Boy without the Super part’. In the NES cart are transplanted the original guts of a GB. With the help of the ‘amazing’ custom board the GB graphics are translated in to the NES format and the NES controller in to the GB format. It is also possible to connect another GB or RetroVision or plug in a printer, thanks to the accessibility of the original link port.

Using a second controller the color and borders can be changed and the audio requirement is fulfilled by the headphone jack. The NES can also fulfill the purpose if the resistor mod in the console has been properly set.

If you care about some tech details you might be interested in these. A triple buffering has been added to avoid screen tearing. In order to allow the GB to write while the NES reads a dual porting, SRAM is also included. This entire project is almost like giving a new life to an NES.

If you have an NES and you consider it to be outdated and of no use, do give this new device a thought. You may never know the possibilities that it can open up for you.

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Via: neverknowtech