Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms Get a Geeky Makeover

Throughout the Super Mario Bros. franchise, we’ve seen toad go through some pretty serious alterations. The faithful servant to the princess has always played an important role in the games, but you probably haven’t seem him quite like this with this Mario Brothers Mushroom Makeover. The mushrooms total thirty in all, each with their own unique flavor, some being more appropriate than others (looking at you boob mushroom. how did you manage to sneak into this family friendly franchise?!).

Now if you look closely you’ll see the classic Toad look is still in there, and he still remains my favorite character from the Mario Party series (oh how much of life you have wasted with my friends). There’s plenty of other themes sprinkled about as well, we have the horror genre covered with the Jig Saw Mushroom and my sweet tooth taken care of with M&M Mushroom. Need your retrogaming fix? Pacman mushroom is here to help!

The possibilities for these themes really is endless, and I bet if you took them and integrated with some of the other Mario Bros gear we’ve seen here on Walyou they’d be flat out awesome. I mean who wouldn’t want their very own Pokeball Mushroom on their Super Mario Bros Sneakers? I know I would! Not enough? Let’s take some baked goods like this Mario Bros cake and use the M&M themed mushroom. You know you want to.  I don’t really recommend re-creating the bomb mushroom though, that one sounds better on paper.

I bet these would also make good Easter Eggs in an upcoming Mario game, except of course for X-box. I don’t think Microsoft woudl approve of one of it’s major competitors using it’s logo in a future Mario game. Copyright infringement aside, it’s just plain in bad taste.  Soldier mushroom can stay though, and Dexter from the Cartoon Network show, does anyone remember that? You know, before the network’s programming got all wonky? Bring back Dexter, I say, and his little mario mushroom head, too!

My Burning Eyes Via: Blogckup