16 Lego Torture Devices You Must Be Scared Of

Torture has been used by almost all the cultures in order to punish, or to extract truth from a suspect. It has been defined as inflicting pain or suffering, both physical and mental in order to obtain a confession or to penalize the person being tortured.

While there are stringent laws against using torture these days, the ancient and the medieval ages were not so. People were burned at stakes, impaled in fields, and crucified depending on the era they belonged to. Moreover, the medieval torture devices are now legendary and an integral part of the human history.

These crude metal devices made sure that the victims died a slow and excruciatingly painful death. These notoriously elaborate torture devices have been recreated in Lego by many geeks. Here are some of the best Lego recreations of torture devices. Some of them maybe disturbing, but the presence of Lego lessens the unpleasantness of it all.

Lego Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden was a medieval torture device that enclosed a human in standing position, and pierced him or her to inflict pain or death. This Lego Iron Maiden is one of the most sinister geek creations ever.

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Lego Torture Chair

The Lego Torture Chair strangely looks chic, but it is far from being that. It is a recreation of torture chairs that are used to interrogate suspects by targeting certain body parts, or delivering electric shocks.

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Lego Crucifixion

We all know what it is to be crucified, but this particular Lego recreation looks particularly scary. The victim perhaps was left to die until the flesh dropped from his bones and turned into a skeleton.

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Lego Breaking Chair

What could be worse than being confined to a device that literally breaks your body in two? This Lego Breaking Chair depicts what it may be like to undergo this form of torture.

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Lego Iron Rose

The Lego Iron Rose is a device in which the victim is caged within a metallic enclosure which slowly closes in over him or her. The victim is crushed eventually. Thankfully, these devices are all part of a bygone era, and not even in the recollection of human memory.

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Lego Crushing Cage

Much like the Iron Rose, the Lego Crushing Cage does the same thing. It has a vicious knob that could be turned to crush the victim slowly, but surely.

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Lego Strappado

The Strappado is a device through which a victim is hung from the arms and then poked with sharp objects. This Lego Strappado is something that you do not want to see its original form.

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Lego Closing Lid Torture

This device forces the person to push the lid upwards as long as he can withstand the nails below his feet. Slowly, the lid would close in on him anyway. The Lego Closing Lid Torture is terrifying but uses a Waffle Iron to illustrate the torture.

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Revolver Ocelot’s Torture Bed

This is not a medieval torture device but is straight form one of the games that you and I play. The Revolver Ocelot’s Torture Bed can be found in the Playstation game Metal Gear Solid. This is a pretty scary recreation of the same in Lego.

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Lego Self-execution Device

Perhaps one of the deadliest, the Lego version of the Executioner of the Self has the victim lying and eventually making the sharp objects close in on him or her. The background executioner however makes sure that the device is working. Truly nightmarish stuff!

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Lego Crucifixion Gadget

Of course, crucifixion is one of the most ancient torture methods. However, even to this day people practice it in parts of the world like the Philippines as a sign of religious devotion. The Lego Man Bearing Crucifix is a disturbing portrayal of the same.

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Lego Guillotine

Guillotines were used in medieval France, before the revolution to execute criminals and traitors. It had a sharp knife fall down upon the neck of the victim to slice the head off. This Lego guillotine only reminds you how terrible the medieval ages must have been.

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Lego Endurance

Endurance is a Japanese TV show in which people would be buried in sand, covered in dirty stuff, or locked in boxes with insects. This is a Lego recreation of the famous Endurance Box from the Japanese TV show.

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Lego Nil Frame

The Nil Frame is apparently the “unfulfilled scavenger”, and must be from one of the TV shows or a video game. Since I can’t tell what it is, it sure looks like a torture device that would tickle and probe the victim while he or she is tied to the ground using the 4 legs. Not really something that I would wish for even my enemies.

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Lego Instruments of Torture

Of course, the torture devices of today are more psychological in nature than physical. However, these Lego Instruments of Torture tell you that in certain countries, third degree torture may still be used. These instruments could be used by pirates in a torture chamber in one of their mother ships.

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Lego New Empire Torture Instrument

Star Wars fans would agree that this could be the worst torture that any Jedi follower could go through. With Darth Vader monitoring the stapler like device, the victim must surely be feeling like a piece of paper!

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These torture devices may be disturbing to some, and terrifying and unpleasant to everyone else. However, many of these gadgets were used only in the history and thankfully they are not in use anymore. Maybe the Lego Torture Devices could be a signal to end all forms of torture devices that physically hurt people. It is better that torture devices remain a part of the history, and a part of modern geek art instead of being used in real.

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  1. Cwells..

    Oddly enough, I know almost everyone that made those. By the way, that Nil frame isn’t from anything. Nannan, (the dude who made it)Just thinks that stuff up from nothing. Anyway, someone was browsing Flickr, weren’t they?

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  3. joel.

    The guillotine did not come from the Middle Ages but was invented in 1791/2 and last used in France in 1977.

    and where’s the CIA waterboarding Lego set? ๐Ÿ™‚

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