EeePC 701 Tablet Mod Gives iPad a Run for Its Money

When you look around your room or even the attic, you just might find an EEE Tablet lying around. Since you do not use it anyway, why not mod it to look and function better?

eeepc table mod 4

McG, a modder used the EeePC 701 Tablet to create a mod that could give the iPad a run for its money. He used a tape in between the top bezel and the bottom cover in order to test if everything was fine.

eeepc table mod 3

Since everything did work well, he went ahead and began to use it for the function it was originally designed for: to read eBooks, watching movies made by DVD Shrink, and to use as a portable media player. In case you would want to mod your EeePC, you could also choose better Touchscreen drivers with 90 deg, 180 deg and 270 orientations.

eeepc table mod 2

Of course, it may not do everything that the Apple iPad does, but it sure is a nifty piece of gadget that you could use to brag about your modding skills in front of your friend. We had written last year that the Asus Eee PC 900 rules the Netbook market and now it needs to be seen if the Apple iPad would trounce it.

eeepc table mod 1