Pizza With Yoda Face: An Invention Of True Star Wars Fan

Just when I looked at this Yoda Pizza, I realized that this must be the creation on a real Star Wars Fan, who must have been really hungry but creative at the same time. 


Those who have the true fan factor, they try to bring their idols in every form, such as the clothes, daily use items and even in foods. If you remember some days back I posted Steve Jobs Cheese Head which looked extremely delicious was in fact a kind of homage paid to him.

Now this Yoda Pizza looks like Vegan stuff, but you can improvise it if you want something non vegetarian to eat. But, I would recommend relishing it as it is. All you need to make this Pizza is a Pizza base, black olives, mushrooms, onions, Green peppers, mozzarella cheese and Pizza sauce.

Although many of you may be aware of how to make a Pizza, but those who don’t know may read on further.

Place the pizza base on the Pizza screen and smear it with a layer of pizza sauce and cover it with mozzarella cheese. Now arrange the vegetables as shown in the picture to make the face of Yoda. Keep the pizza in the oven at 500 F temperature for 10 minutes and serve hot.

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Via: Jadeice