Mock-up Handheld Console Mimics Cool Features of Prominent Handhelds

It is not every day that you come across a handheld device that features the best of all the portable handheld consoles that you have ever come across. Well, in real you may never be able to get it unless we are talking about a mock-up.

console mock-up

Here is a mock-up console which features characters of various consoles like the Xbox, PSP, Nintendo DS and something reminds me of a Game Boy as well! On the screen you could see Mario in a scene which almost looks surreal for that is not the situation in which you would find him usually.

However, with so many buttons to help you control, it may get a little time to get adjusted, if such a console is ever modded or created. Nevertheless, if you are good at Photoshop or some kinda 3D technology, you could try your hand at creating a mock-up of a console that is the result of a combination of various features of different consoles.

It would be really cool to play a prank on a video game-crazed geek and make him or her think that this console is for real! You could also check out the 100 April Fools Pranks that we had written. If you can’t fool people with the mock-up, you could try one of the tricks we listed back then!

Via: Aliazx