Wrath of God Lego Ship Brings The Heavy Artillery

I think it’s a geek thing, drooling over impressive war machines, especially like this “Wrath of God” lego creation. With the amount of detail and craftsmanship put into the piece, you can just imagine the explosions and very loud noises this baby could put out. Plus it’s called the Wrath of God, that alone counts for something in the intimidation department. I was hoping for a fictional breakdown of the firepower the ship can break down, but you can’t always get you want.

The design of the ship by Kevin J Walter actually looks a lot like some of the games I’ve played in recent years. The bulky square look reminds me a lot of the mankind’s war frigates in the HALO series (If you’re not familiar you can check out the HALO Encyclopedia in one of our recent Walyou Random Roundups), or if you’re a Warhammer 40,000 fan it looks similar in design to the Emperor’s ships as well. Of course it’s also in the realm of possibility that this is referencing a game I haven’t played yet or from a series I haven’t seen. If this is the case, please correct me and I will go pick up said game/show immediately, cause it looks awesome!

Judging from the pictures you’re likely looking at at least a thousand lego pieces. I mean this picture of the engines alone should give you an idea of how much work the creator put into this. If this were sold as a complete lego set, I wonder what other things it could be put together as? You know, like the sets that could create a boat or a bulldozer or a dump truck. I bet you could make a battalion of tanks (like this steampunk miniature tank) or maybe it would break up into a squadron of fighters. Regardless once I put this together I’d probably just glue it permanently and mount it above my computer. I seem to have that sentiment a lot, so it’s a good thing that there’s already something there (no it isn’t Frostmourne, which seems to be a popular choice among World of Warcraft fans).