The New MacMini Business Card Holder will Make You a Complete Businessman

You are fondly known as the Mac man amongst your family and friends. As a kid, your best mate was a Mac desktop. An apple iPod got you through your nervy teenage years and during your university years, a MacBook helped you explore yourself and realize your true calling. And, the latest MacBook Air is now your prized possession and a constant source of attention.

You prefer the Mac because of its design aesthetics and attention to detail. However, now your wish is to express your Mac mania in a professional, corporate manner.

From the land of the rising sun (Japan), comes a new Mac that will fulfill this wish. At first glance, it resembles a miniature Mac with the same glazed finish. When you open it, you realize it is a business card holder – a MacMini business card holder. The cardholder mirrors the MacBook to the minutest detail, including the mirror display and keypads.  What’s more, the MacMini business card holder is home delivered in miniature version of the box your MacBook comes in.

Imagine you are the proud owner of a start up. You are attending a trade fair where you look to build connections and impress with your style. You are confident of hitting the right notes with a presentation prepared on your MacBook Air and business cards meticulously placed in the MacMini business card holder.

Enthusiastic investors glide over to your stall where you mesmerize them with your marketing plan. The investors have swallowed your bait and now comes the time to hook ‘em for good. You tap open the MacMini and glide a business card into their hands. Their eyes are glued on to your MacMini, and you now have your investors hook, line and sinker.

Apart from being a trendy cardholder, the MacMini doubles as a pocket mirror as well. Say you are in the trade fair and want to check on how you look without drawing too much attention. The mirror-display of the MacMini allows you to check and correct your appearance in a discreet manner.

The inspiration behind this compact cardholder is the love of the Japanese people for mignon tech – imitations of popular technology. You could also use a MacMini to store keys, coins, and other miniature utilities.

The MacMini business cardholder comes in a MacBook, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, and even the PowerBook G4 version. Since the MacMini is only a fraction of the size of a MacBook, the cardholder’s price is also just a fraction of the notebook’s price. Even if you are not a Mac fan, I m pretty sure that this trendy cardholder would appeal to you.

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Via: 9to5mac