Mozilla Home now on iPhone!

Here is good news coming your way, if you are one ardent iPhone user! Be prepared to get the best experience to see your Mozilla browser on your iPhone, when you are on the go.

Needless to say that this app gives you instant access to your browser, retaining all the browsing histgory, tabs, favorites, etc. Better yet, experience the best with the “awesome bar” that enables you to get all your favorite websites with absolutely minimal typing.

Mozilla plans to launch this app (Mozilla Home) soon and it boasts of a “get up and go” experience, this promises to offer you a home on the World Wide Web with an unmatched experience. And above all, it is an absolutely free application that you can make use of in your flamboyant iPhone. This app will release soon, leaving a lot of iPhone users zapped with total user control and personalistaion. So be prepared to have your best  Mozilla on iPhone app stored on your phone and see how it revamps the Web for you.

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Mozilla Via: Engadget