Batman Plush Doll Fights Crime With Cuteness

From the incredibly popular but horribly campy series from the 1960 American television series to the eye-popping nipples and codpieces on the Batman suit in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, we’ve seen plenty of variations of the crime fighter, some that we would like to forever erase from our memory. Yet this Batman Plush, who measures 7 inches tall, brings Batman to a whole new level of cuteness. It’s obnoxious, I tell you. Taking into consideration the last 2 Batman Movies, the words “cute” and “adorable” are not exactly words I would use to describe the iconic caped crusader. He skydives off skyscrapers and gets attacked by dogs, sure, but cute isn’t in his vocabulary.

Unfortunately this Justice League Batman plush isn’t available for purchase just yet, he’s coming to a city near you in June of 2010 (You do still have the option to pre-order it though!). I’m all for taking fairly serious characters and turning them into supercute format, kind of like this Iron Man Adaptation that takes Tony Stark from a smoothly confident superhero into a world of ponies and sparkles. There’s obviously demand for this kind of thing somewhere, but not me. Excuse me while I shove my superhero plushie collection back under the bed in a locked safe where it belongs. At a price of $12.99, he’s not going to break your bank either, just your face if you break the law. Bam.

Amusingly enough this plush toy actually has it’s own features section, and as you might it expect, it’s not at all serious. The site claims that the Justice League has “never looked more adorable” and “Batman needs a hug!” I have news for you, Batman never needs a hug, and trying to give him a hug would likely result in a very violent mess. OK, maybe if you’re an attractive woman trying to give Bruce Wayne a hug you’ll get by, I mean we have to keep up appearances after all, but his alter-ego is hug free. Until now, anyway. This stylized version of the comic book hero can’t say no to all of the hugs you can offer.

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Via: Entertainment Earth