The Custom Painted TRON NES: It Actually Glows Brightly in the Dark!

We loved our first NES console as it was the video game debut machine for many of us and some (including me) have still preserved the very first video game playground. To me, it was a proudest possession of those times and my wait for summer vacations always felt like centuries. Wow! those days were just great.

Although hard to swallow fact, but we know that NES console does not find the same respect and honor from today’s child. As the technology had its ways, the NES console found the demand lacking, very much due to 3D consoles like Xbox and Playstation who literally took the gaming to next level and any demand leftover was bitten by smartphones, which are making even the likes of PSP, looking for protection from their serious threats.

Glowing TRON NES

Leaving the fate aside and the fact that NES console is something hard to find in good shape now a days, here is you chance to grab one and that too in its new avatar, the glowing TRON NES. Fans of the movie TRON would love it as much as they loved their old NES console, but this one got some additonal wings too.

The TRON design has been custom painted using a special backlight reactive glow paint on the NES which makes it actually glow in the dark, as you can see in the picture below. So here is your Dark (NES) Knight, which will glow quite brightly in the backlight and will charge to glow even without backlight but not that bright.

Glowing in Dark, TRON NES

I said it has some additional wings. Well, this one has also been fitted with low-gain’s NES mod to provide you with improved sound by adding dual .25 inch audio outputs in the back of the console. All this means that you now have an amplified stereo like sound (split mono channels).

Apart from that, it also features a bright blue power LED to add more style to the TRON’ed NES. Plus, you get regular stuff like NES power adapter, RF switch and original controller.The TRON NES can be yours for $250 and is preferred to be sold in US at the extra shipping cost of $10.


Now the worst part of the news is here. The TRON NES is actually in ‘Sold Out’ condition as I am writing this but I hope it is available very soon for buyers, notwithstanding a somewhat higher price tag.

Thanks Joe for the tip! Via: Thetris