Rubik’s Cube Formula Tattoo Won’t Help You Solve It Any Faster

People get inked to show the world what they truly are or as a tribute to someone or something and they’ve been a variety of weird tattoos I’ve seen but this awesome Rubik’s Cube Formula Tattoo definitely stands way above the rest .Have you ever lost your mind trying to figure out how to solve the Rubik’s cube? Well there’s an amazing formula that can make your task easier brilliantly shown in this tattoo.

Rubik's Cube Formula Tattoo

With 3 sides of the 3-d cube brilliantly tattooed in bright colors of blue, orange, red, yellow and green, the tattoo bears a number of equations which undeniably serve as your formula to solving the Rubik’s cube. So get to it. First you’ve got to solve the trigonometric equation at the top keeping in mind (a-b)^2; you can then proceed toward the two geometric triangular sums which require at least a PhD in math to solve. The next step would be to go about trying to figure out the organic chemical equation at the bottom, hope you did well in science at school. The lightning shaped signs will remind you of the consequences of losing your concentration in the middle of this brilliant formula.

This Rubik’s Cube Formula Tattoo won’t help you to solve the mechanical cube any faster but it certainly brings out your appreciation for the puzzle in front of the world.

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via: FYMath