Audi ramps up the hype to Soccer World Cup with its Foosball table

There is lot of heat going around as a build up to the upcoming Soccer World Cup starting 11 of this month and looks like Audi too have joined in with the announcement of the ‘Audi Foosball table’. Being one of the most popular and in fact, most watched event in the world, World Cup is something seen by the advertisement industry as a god-sent opportunity to make a big impact for brands.Consider this announcement as a nice warm up game by Audi in light of things (all that advertisement stuff) about to come up!

Audi loves football and you can easily recall the Audi trademark on the seats Manchester United stands. And we know Audi for all luxury and hefty price tags, and the Foosball table is no exception to that. The table will available to Audi-cum-Soccer lovers and riches at the price of USD 16000, or say 12,900 euros for our European readers. Moreover, as rare is Football World Cup, the Audi branded Foosball table will also be, since only 20 pieces will be available for the fans to showcase their expensive love towards the most popular game worldwide. Now that’s a wise decision by Audi in the demand and supply game, since you really cannot find too many buyers at USD 16K. Right?

Cool Audi Foosball table

With Audi, everything has got to be special and so is the case with the Foosball table whose production has been granted to Leonhart, who are known specialist for that matter. While the release date and place are not available as of now, expect such an announcement very soon as June 11 is not very far at all. And if you really looking forward to purchase one, we advise you to make an inquiry to quattro GmbH, to book your order since the time and quantity are not on your side, in this case.

Foosball table by Audi

Playing Table Soccer - Foosball

Those of you still contemplating (with money not a problem at all) the fun and looks criteria of the table, here is what German table soccer champion, Thomas Przesdzink feels. The table looks great and was pleasantly surprised to see how well it actually performed, or delivered. Moreover, he also considers using it for the official tournament series.

Luxirious Foosball table by Audi

Elegant Foosball Table

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