The Touch Screen Wrist Watch Resembles a Futuristic Bracelet

We used the sun and the moon to tell the time but then realized that they could not be relied on always and there had to be something concrete. This gave birth to the wall clock but then what about the times when one was outdoors? And so to tell the time at any moment the wrist watch was invented.

Gradually wrist watches moved from being just a necessity to being a fashion accessory. However, with the coming of the mobile phone many things had to go backstage, the watch being one of them. People have now started depending upon their mobile phones for the time. But hold on, this might not last long, especially with the various new designs for watches being floated in to the market.

One such design is the ORB, which is not just a watch but looks more like a fashion accessory. Resembling a bracelet, the watch can be produced in only two colors – black and white, which are just the base color. Now wait till you see the real interesting part. The arms that are supposed to tell the time are not arms but bands that orbit the bracelet. There are three bands in all, one for hours, the second for minutes and the third for seconds. These three bands can change their color thanks to special software installed in the timepiece cum bracelet.

But then how do you set the time? The bands on the watch function on a touch screen basis. To change the time of a particular band or line, all that is needed to be done is simply touch it and click the adjust icon. Next slide the displayed time line till you reach the desired number. As simple as that! This plastic bracelet watch has been designed by the Serbian designer Djordjie Zivanovic (Djo) and was an entrant in the 2008 Signity Watch Design Contest.

Designer watches have always been there in the market, not only for the ladies but also for the gentlemen. Men like to have watches that look very high-tech and perform functions beyond just telling the time. Women on the other hand prefer those that look elegant and stylish. It should also go with the rest of the attire and colors go a long way in making clothes and accessories match. White and black are two universal colors and the capability of the ORB to change the line colors can soon help it find space in young lady’s vanity case.

With fashion changing almost everyday, ORB comes across as a very attractive watch. To know more about such cool wrist watches, take a look at iWatch Apple Watch and Time on Air Wrist Watch.