Star Wars Lego Games: Republic Attack Cruiser and Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter

We at Walyou know how much you guys adore the ‘Star Wars’ saga and the toys, games or anything that can be tuned up and made related to the it. Being one of the greatest saga of all time, it surely deserves all the attention it gets and that is why we love bringing to your notice, ‘Star Wars’ born products and accessories. And you love this, too!

LEGO 8039 Star Wars Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser

So, going one step further in this association, one such product that I will share with you today will surely let your child (or yourself, if you are one) have a good time pass over his/her fav saga. We are talking about the LEGO Star Wars Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser. Well, the same says it all. I would not go far in describing it since I know no matter how much effort I make, a fan like you(s) will make me look like a novice when it comes to share one’s take on ‘Star Wars’ related concepts. And me, an Indian and big fan of local superheroes like Nagraj, Dhruv and Shaktiman would hate to be thrown in comparison with my US and other global peers in the ‘Star Wars’ zone. I take a leave!

Nevertheless, I will carry on with the product info. The cruiser, which is the powerhouse of the Republic, finds its roots in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith”. It is ‘in stock’ and can be yours for just $119.87 but is available for shipment in United States only.

As many as 1170 pieces are required to be joined to complete the behemoth attack cruiser and one will surely have a lovable adorable space ship figure to decorate child’s bedroom or living room (remember, star wars fans are crazy, always!). But before you hit the order button, let me remind you the suitable age which is, 9+ (to be specific, 9 to 14), unless your 6 year old demonstrates higher IQ than the normal ones.

LEGO 8017 Star Wars Vader's TIE Fighter

There is one more product, no less adorable. This one is the Star Wars Vader’s TIE Fighter. Another great masterpiece from the saga. Not a big one like the previous one, it requires combination of just 251 pieces to make one fighter piece of your own and is available for the price of $31.49.

We hope you enjoy our ‘Star Wars’ collection which also includes host of other topics covering Star Wars Death Star Planetarium, Star Wars classic TV Game, Star Wars At-At Stroller,and many more. You will love searching “star wars”, so hit it.