Meeting Knives Would Make You Stab!

Meeting Knives, a set of elegant and dashing knives, have recently been introduced by Mia Schmallenbach which can be the ideal set of kitchen knives for anybody; either you are a professional chef or a homemaker.


No need for you to find out a reason to cut a thing by these knives, in fact, you will find one looking for excuses to enjoy cutting things one by one. Before anything else we talk about in this context, I would like to say that the most striking factor about these knives is its stunning design. The single block of steel that has the knives stuck on it looks simply impressive to let one get attracted by these. When it comes to the knives, there is no doubt about its quality as well.

On first looking onto the Meeting Knives set, I took a few seconds to think what actually it is. It is only after breaking the puzzle after having a close look on the thing I got to know that these are actually knives. Amazing work! Kudos to the maker of these knives, that she could think something so new. The pattern of holding the knives in the block is one factor that has made the Meeting Knives set stand out as a revolutionary idea. Does this idea of placing one knife into another remind you of something? Yes, you are right, the Fibonacci sequence can be seen followed in this concept and that surely is refreshing and smart.

A set of four, this knife set comprises of a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a carving knife and a filleting knife. Does not that look like a perfect thing to gift your wife that can make her really happy? Well, there is a risk too, never try to cheat on her as the curves and the cuts of the knives must have been enough for you to speculate the sharpness of the blades.

In fact, apart from the block of steel, a block of wood can also be availed. You can either get the wooden block or the steel block and it all rests on you. The prices of both the blocks differ and the steel made ones, undoubtedly, costs more than the wooden one. For buying the steel block, a payment of $920 will have to be made or else, the wooden one will cost you only $480.

Go for it and try out these exciting new knives in your kitchen and in case you are interested in finding something unusual, then just have a look at Raffaele Iannello’s Five Finger Fillet. There are lots of cool Kitchen gadgets like R2-D2 Pepper Grinder that not only serve as a handy tool while you are in the kitchen but also serve as an adorement.

Via: Geekologie