NES PC Case Mod is a nice ‘remix’ in tech

After Google CEO Eric Schmidt accepted earlier this year that the age of mobiles have come, Apple chief Steve Jobs also played the same tune on Tuesday that the ‘post PC” era has finally arrived. This is something that hardcore PC lovers like us find difficult to swallow.But love for PC is something that still finds its root deep into our everyday life and there are gazillion of fans decorating their PCs with different mods, the latest being the NES PC Case Mod.

While the old love for NES is still there (with custom painted TRON NES), Matthew_Rocz at the went a step further by converting his NES into a PC Case, and came up with a bright and illuminating NES PC Case Mod. Well, good work needs to be appreciated and this mod is not exception to that. Designed beautifully by the Matthews and shining red very decently, this one will surely catch the eye of each one of your guests and friends.

NES PC Case mod

The CD/DVD writer finds its place in the front (as is common in most of the PC cases), while the USB and other wire stuff can be plugged in on the backside. What is quite noticeable is a large Nintendo mark on the very face of the case, with red light illuminating in the back, setting the scene completely. Not to be forgotten behind, your NES emulator got its share of space too.

Red NES PC Case Mod


This particular case is well equipped with a decent configuration comprising an etway J7F2WE1G5 Motherboard, 1.5GHz VIA C7 processor, 1GB Ram, 80GB SSD HDD, 4 USB ports and runs Windows Xp. Yeah, you can always customize it to meet your dear Windows 7 and the required minimum/recommended configuration. But you gotta do it yourself!

Illuminating NES PC CASE MOD

We surely do not stop here and will bring you more PC case mods, no matter how much impact toady’s smart phones make on PC but some old Cases Mods deserve you attention too. If you really want something different and equally weird, head over to Orgasmatron PC case modification project and find something really cool in Panzerbox Computer Case Mod and FIFA PC Case Mod for our lovely Soocer Fans.

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