Celebrate this Soccer Season with the Nike Foosball Table

The ball falls to Kaka who dribbles it past Essien. Kaka glides with the ball and passes it to Lampard. Lampard has a look at goal but changes his mind when Ballack slides in to get the ball. Anticipating the slide, Lampard neatly turns the ball away from Ballack and drops a pinpoint cross to Messi. The diminutive but super-talented Argentinean traps the ball at his feet, goes past two defenders and hammers the ball past an eagle-spread Casillas. You give a high five to your partner and continue with the game.

This is not a football match on TV or a videogame; this is the new 11-a-side foosball table by Nike. With the World Cup season now open, Soccer is the flavor of the month and what better to soak in the festivities than to flick your wrists and play a round of foosball with your mates.

Regular foosball tables are compact and allow a maximum of four players, at a time, to try their hand. The Nike 11-a-side foosball table tries to recreate a real field soccer experience. The table is long, broad, and the miniature players are finely detailed.

What makes this miniature soccer table stand out from the rest is its new age aesthetic. The body of the table sports a minimalist look with a perforated cabin. The legs of the table and the rack share the same look as well. This is a breakaway design from the usual solid-wooden look associated with foosball tables and definitely makes it more appealing.

The perforated look aside, another standout visual element is the color of the table: somber red. The color is spread evenly across the body and on the handles.

One look at the table and you find yourself in the mood for a nice, no holds barred game of foosball with your soccer buddies. Since the Nike table is longer than other tables, you can have up to eight players controlling the miniature foosmen: the more the merrier.

This modern foosball table is ideal for soccer fans who could not get their hands on the priceless tickets for the World Cup, and wish to recreate the carnival atmosphere at home: Have friends over for a challenging game of foosball, and then watch the action from South Africa over beer and snacks; the perfect soccer weekend. The Nike Foosball Table is currently on display at the Nike Stadium in Milan.

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Via: Gizmowatch

a real field soccer experience