Cyclops is the Universal Remote of the Future

I know what you’re thinking: Hey Frank, what is so great about a universal remote anyway?  Well stick with me for a moment, because this Cyclops Universal Remote is not your usual clicker (As a side note, does anyone still call a TV remote a clicker? I seem to be a dying breed). The Cyclops promises to change the face of TV and other consumer electronics as we know them and introduce to a new ergonomically correct universe.

Now the idea here looks to be take a TV remote control and a standard keyboard and smash them together so that they fit perfectly between two hands. The device was originally designed specifically for one cable box called the Genos, but has been introduced universally now as well. The Cyclops will also apparently impact other industries out there such as the mobile phone industry. The device claims to eliminate the need for “phone to modem” scenarios and make texting a much more painless process. Given that, I hope it just doesn’t work in the car, since I see plenty of fools out there texting their brains off while driving anyway. There will also be something in it for you console gamers, as the Genos is currently looking for distribution partners to help push the remote into other uses.

While this all sounds well and good and I admire the manufacturer’s ambition, it still strikes me as a really really fancy remote control. The additional computer keyboard functionality would be very nice but I’m not sure how it’s going to break into the console gaming niche or have a signficiant impact on the mobile phone industry. Besides there are plenty of other remotes or cool keyboard mods out there for you to use, and Google is already looking to change the face of TV as we know it, so maybe Cyclops is just a little late to the party.  Either that or TV is going to have a number of faces and they will have to duel it out for dominance. That reminds me vaguely of the movie Face Off, just in TV format.

Via: Nexus 404