Boba Fett Lego Figurine Costume

I have seen a lot of Boba Fett costumes in my time. I mean you go to your average convention whether it’s Star Wars related or not (anime conventions tend to be my geeky event of choice) and you will find at least one guy (or girl!) sporting a Boba Fett costume…but I haven’t seen anything quite like this Boba Fett lego figurine costume, to be sure. While the kid in the suit doesn’t look all that pleased to be the lego version of the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunter, I think he looks downright awesome.

Apparently there are other fans out there that agree since the picture has over 3,000 notes from onlookers. Some simply stopped by to say they liked the costume while others have reblogged the Nemoi entry since really, it deserves a post of it’s own (hint: that’s what we did). I’d be curious as to the amount of preparation and materials that went into this, as it looks simple on the surface but I’d imagine you would have a difficult time recreating a lego-guy. I had a lengthy discussion with a friend about the materials used to put together the helmet and little stumpy lego-man hands, but unfortunately without confirmation from the creator it’s anyones guess.

You could easily combine this costume into an ensemble for the entire family. Although not lego related, dad could help shield his beer belly with his very own Death Star Costume bent on planetary destruction.  Mom could go fully equipped with this Tauntaun costume, and the rest of the family could have their pick between wearing a Star Wars Tie Fighter on their head or maybe just toss on a Darth Vader concept Helmet. If you’d like to go all out legos, I bet there are still some other themed costumes you could go with as well. A run of the mill stormtrooper would fit in nicely, as would just about any other character with a full helmet like Darth Vader or that disguise Leia wears in Return of the Jedi.